Welcome to the Cast and Blast Inn.  We are now open to the sporting public when our
bamboo fly rod making classes are not in session.  The Cast and Blast is cool, casual,
simple and in the heart of historic downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Rent a room or the
entire Inn for your family or group.  Join us.
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The Cast and Blast Inn
Oyster Fine Bamboo Fly Rods .
Since 1998 . Historic Downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia .
494 East Main Street .  Blue Ridge, GA 30513 706.374.4239. shannen@oysterbamboo.com
Copyright 1998-2015
STUDENTS...PLEASE CALL (706.374.4239) or email
(shannen@oysterbamboo.com) SHANNEN FOR CLASS
LODGING RATES.  Please do not book on lodging site.