Staff:  Cutter, Bill, Yogi, Shannen & Veronica

On Right...Riley
(our full-time rod maker) and Molly (the "scavenger")
Our philosophy:

No regrets.  
Do what you love.
Don't take it all so serious...

We feel so fortunate to have the opportunity to
serve our clients and live out our dreams each
and every day.  

Thanks to you...our clients and friends, who
order rods, take classes and purchase
accessories.  We exist because of you.

We welcome you all to call or e-mail with
questions or to arrange a visit.   

Thank you,


The Bamboo Fly Rod Maker's Widow
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photo by Andy Anderson


Shop address:
494 East Main Street
Blue Ridge, GA 30513
Garden and Gun Magazine
January 2011
Made in the South Awards
Georgia Trend Magazine
October 2010
Georgia's 40 under 40
President Jimmy Carter's
special commissioned
Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod
Oyster Fine Bamboo Fly Rod's new
shop and Cast and Blast Inn on
Main Street
in downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia
William "Bill" Oyster is a full-time career bamboo fly rod maker with a workshop in one of the south's most
authentic mountain towns (Blue Ridge, GA).   Each Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod is intensely hand crafted.  
Bill is the only professional bamboo fly rod maker in the world who personally hand engraves his own rods.  
The performance and aesthetics of each rod is truly remarkable.

Bill has been commissioned to make rods for many of the world's finest anglers including
President Jimmy Carter.

As the most prolific teacher of this rod making art alive today, Bill draws students from as far away as
England, Scotland, Australia and New Zealand as well as every corner of the US to his southern mountain
town studio in beautiful Blue Ridge, Georgia.

Each year, Oyster introduces a little more of the world to this traditional
craft and a look into the life of a bamboo fly rod maker.
Bill Oyster lands a Big
Georgia Rainbow
bill oyster
Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods in American Angler
American Angler Magazine
December 2006
Choosing Cane
Small Business Fortune
December 2008
Craftsman of the Great Outdoors
Garden and Gun Magazine
Premiere Issue
Spring 2007
Casting a Spell by George Black
Fly Fishing America
ESPN Fly Fishing America Bill Oyster clip
Atlanta Journal
& Constitution
Multiple articles
newspapers & magazines
1999 - 2011
Georgia trend Bill Oyster Blue Ridge article
Why I love my job ajc Bill Oyster
Oyster Events Past and Present

While the world wide web is a fantastic marketing tool,
nothing replaces spending actual time with one another.  
If you are unable to stop by our shop in historic downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia, we
frequently exhibit at trade shows, perform casting presentations, speak at clubs all
over the country and host / sponsor our own events.

While every day seems like an event at
Oyster, there are several special events
that we host and attend each year.  In
addition to regular speaking engagements,
select trade shows and private events, we
have a travel club for Oyster clients that
take us near and far.

Join us...
Bill Oyster with big fish
small business journal Bill Oyster
Various Television Shows
Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods
in Action
Small Business Journal
bill oyster in argentina for bamboo fly rod week at chime lodge
bill oyster and mike clark at bamboo rod maker's conclave in lyons colorado
oyster bamboo fly rod picnic
A few of our past events
Events &
Oyster Travel Club
American Angler
September/October 2011
...Blue Ridge, GA new bamboo mecca
Waterfront UK (Pages 50-51)
September 2011
Fishing with Presidents
The Itinerant Angler Podcast
July 2011
Listen to renown fly fishing writer,
Zach Matthews, talk with Bill about
Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod making
school's exciting new plans!
Oyster Fine Bamboo Fly Rods . Since 1998 . Historic Downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia . East Main Street . 706.374.4239.
Copyright 1998-202
Virginia Sportsman Magazine
Summer 2012
Forbes Life Magazine
December 2011
December 2011
London Financial Times
Spring 2012
london times oyster bamboo fly rods
bill oyster wins se fff casting competition
Bill wins FFF
casting competition
Worth Magazine
Spring 2013
The Private Journey Magazine
Winter 2012
Southwest Georgia Living
Spring 2013
oyster-bambo- fly-rod- in-superyacht-magazine
Vintage Luxe
Spring 2013
Super Yacht World Magazine
Spring 2013
Bloomberg Businessweek
Winter 2014
PBS special
Winter 2014
Life Refined Magazine
Winter 2014
Points North Magazine
Spring 2013
oyster bamboo fly rods at garden and gun jubilee
494 East Main Street, Blue Ridge GA 30513
We regularly speak at clubs.  
Oyster has a fabulous
presentation...we just need
an invite.
Bill & Hoagy
Carmichael in NYC
during one of Bill's
Oyster regularly hosts
events on various trophy
streams for their clients.   
Oyster presents at private events
Private Oyster Trips
Visit Oyster's retail
showroom on
Main Street in
Blue Ridge, GA

Check out our bamboo fly
rods, watch Bil hand
engrave, talk fishing, chat
about  the craft or have a
beer when we have one of  
our open houses.
Fresh and Salt bamboo events
Oyster regularly attends bamboo
rod maker gatherings
From L to R:  Cutter and his pole, the gang, Roni dancing, Riley & his bride...Quinn
USA Today Hunt & Fish
Winter 2015
Yachting Magazine
Winter 2016
The Denizen
Fall 2015
Robb Report
Winter 2015
Oyster Bamboo on cover of Rodmaker Magazine
Cover of RodMaker Magazine
Spring 2016
American Fly Fishing History Maker
Fall 2015
The Drake
Spring 2016
Outside Magazine
Summer 2016
Bill Oyster teaches the art of
bamboo fly rod making
"For the American fly fisher, THIS is our samurai sword."
-Bill Oyster
Gray's Sporting Journal
December 2017
The Drake
November 2016
Southern Living
October 2018
Town Magazine
Summer 2018
Road Runner Magazine
April 2019
BLUE RIDGE outdoors
April 2019
Spring 2019