"Your responsiveness to
customers is outstanding -
I am your customer for life!"
-Steve W. Pennsylvania
"Your rods are among
the few I can call the
finest that I have ever
seen and cast."

-Larry Kennedy, former
owner of the Bedford
Sportsman, Bedford, NY
I William S. Oyster
do hereby  guarantee that you will be satisfied
with any product we sell and we will find a way
to make you happy.   If one of our rods fails to
live up to your expectations either in
appearance or performance, send it back.  If
there is a flaw in workmanship or materials, we
will make it right. If you stick your rod in the
ceiling fan, fall on it in the stream, or otherwise
abuse your rod, I will do my best to repair or
replace it at a reasonable cost.   In other words,
we are only interested in happy customers and
will do everything in our power to keep you that
way. We are not a "cyber-business".  "We" are
myself, my wife Shannen, my
16-year-old son
Cutter and
11 year old Veronica, Riley, Quinn,
Kassie and Dean.
I am a man in a workshop
who splits cane, sands, planes, varnishes,
sweats, bleeds, sweeps up and checks
e-mails.  Call me on the phone, stop by the
workshop, wave at me when you see me, or
come shake my hand on the stream... but not if
the fish are rising.

Tight Lines,
Bill Oyster
"It has an amazing feel
and just casts
beautifully.  I really love

Ryan T - Utah
"...the finest bamboo
rod maker of this

-Henry Cowen, fly tier,
guide, and fly-fishing writer
Your workmanship is
flawless. I, and then my son,
will always treasure it.

Alan C., California
I've always been good at
spotting the young talent that
will become the old talent,
I feel that this
is the case withyou."
-Kelly B. Charlotte, NC
"Absolutely gorgeous...
I shook!
-Larry K - St. Simons GA
"It will be a family
heirloom for

-Ros P. - Virginia
Oyster Fine Bamboo Fly Rods . since 1998 . Downtown Historic Blue Ridge, Georgia . East Main Street . 706.374.4239. shannen@oysterbamboo.com
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